Best Holiday Season Gifts For Baseball & Softball Players

Buying the perfect gift this holiday season is an important task. If a parent buys the right gift, the look of pure joy will run across their kids face, marking it an unforgettable holiday season. However, if a parent buys the wrong gift, the parent could receive the look of disappointment. The look that says " you ruined my holiday season." That would be the worse feeling ever as a parent, right?

Well…In this article, we asked nearly 1000 baseball and softball parents, what gift they were going to give their athletes this holiday season? Listed below are the Top 7 gifts. Check them out!

7. Baseball Cards

Baseball Cards came in at number 7. This was exciting to see because we thought baseball cards were dying off. It's great that it's still loved by so many.

6. Camps

We expected that Baseball & Softball Camps were going to be higher on the list but we were wrong. Camps came in at number 6 on the list for this holiday season.

  1. Baseball Tickets 

Season tickets for an MLB team, minor league team, and or, pre-season festival tickets with MLB teams, where fans (their kids) are allowed to meet the players came in at number 5. This would make for a very memorable holiday gift.

  1. Lessons/Camps

Shockingly, private lessons, were voted #4. Many parents said that their kid really loved the game. And to help further their development, and love for the game, they were going to surprise their kid by paying for lessons this holiday season.

  1. New Glove

A new glove was voted #3. With the price of gloves, it makes perfect sense to purchase this at the end of the year, as a big surprise for your athlete. The gloves that were loved were A2K, Rawlings Pro-Preferred, Custom Nokona, and Rico. The most popular brand was Rico gloves.

  1. New Bat

Since the bat models are changing every year, a new bat came in at #2. Makes perfect sense, since bats are so expensive. Bat prices can run up to $450. This makes it a perfect gift since this purchase will last the entire year of 2020. The Bats that were the most popular were the Cat 8, Easton Maxum, Easton Ghost, Demarini CF Zen Black, and Louisville LTX.

  1. Swing Sunglasses

Voted #1 are Swing Sunglasses.  They are the newest technology to disrupt the baseball/softball community. Swing Sunglasses are HD camera Sunglasses made for Baseball and Softball players. They have an exceptional polarized lens that blocks out the sun from the player’s eyes. In addition, a camera, located between the eyes of the middle of the glasses, that records in high definition to uniquely capture unforgettable memories on the field and to be used as an educational tool to improve performance.

3 Reasons MLB Players Love Swing Sunglasses

Swing Sunglasses is an investment into your kids future!

During bullpen sessions, MLB Catcher Ed Easley records pitchers to show them if their pitches look the same when they are being release out of hand. The reason is that if all the pitches look the same, then the pitcher will fool, and or, strike out more hitters.

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MLB Player Testimonials For Swing Sunglasses:

Swing Sunglasses are changing the baseball industry. Soon, all players will be wearing these glasses and you will be able to learn from the players point of view. And, see what they are seeing on the baseball field.

Jermaine Curtis 

These glasses are incredible! I have 2 pairs of glasses. I have 1 for practice to capture those moments that will, otherwise, be forgotten. The other pair are for games. I Love Swing Sunglasses! 

Joey Butler




  • High Quality Polarized Lens To Protect Harmful UV Rays
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