If you are looking to play college baseball, and or, play professional baseball… you need to have TALENT.

In the Cambridge Dictionary, Talent is defined as “a special natural ability to do something well.”

In baseball, If you are a pitcher, these talents are; “Velocity”, “Strike-Outs”, and “Pitch-Ability”.

If you are a position player, these talents are; “Speed”, “Defense”, “Power”, “Arm-Strength”, and “Hitting”.

What the Cambridge Dictionary got wrong in its definition of talent… is that you can DEVELOP talents.

One challenge you will encounter in developing talents is that it is a very long process…and the information that you may consume may not be correct.

This was the reason, I, Jermaine Curtis (former MLB player), created ProsCave.com. My goal is to provide you with the proper information to help you develop your talents immediately.

I plan on bringing my friends who have played in the MLB, MiLB, and or College Baseball, to provide their expert knowledge.

Now, I created this website to help you in two ways:

First, you can access my Video Training Course for Free. This video training course will help you immediately and save you a great deal of time!

Second, it will provide you with expert information at your disposal.

So Why I am I doing this?

Simple! I wish I would have had something like this when I was younger. And, there are way too many fake baseball gurus teaching players the wrong information.

This wrong information is hurting young aspiring college & professional baseball players’ chances of reaching their dreams.

So join our team by accessing my video course by clicking here

Get the proper information…

Use the information to further develop your talents…

…and reach your goals and dreams!