How To Hit Fast Pitching In Baseball

Fast pitching can sure be intimidating. But many players overlook the fact that hitting fast pitching is a formula. Take a look at any pro or college level hitter, and they will have similar steps they follow when facing an extremely fast pitcher. The one thing other than talent that separates them is their ability to hit fast pitching consistently. If you want to hit fast pitching, you need to focus your efforts to 5 simple steps.

If you want to learn how to hit fast pitching, watch this video that takes you through the entire process.

List of Steps

Step 1: In-the-Hole

If you want to be able to hit fast pitching and improve your batting average, the first thing you need to do is start focusing when you're "in the hole." While most players are relaxing in the dugout, they should be studying the pitcher. If you study the pitcher from the dugout, you can gain insights into their approach that will help you to hit fast pitching. And these insights will lead you to the 2 things you need to do in the hole that will help you to hit fast pitching. These 2 things are positive self-talk and a strong hitting approach.

#1 Positive Self Talk:

Studies have shown that positive self-talk will help you stay focused on what matters rather than what's happening around you. And this focus will allow you to perform at your highest ability. So, when your teammates are cracking jokes and trying to distract each other, take a moment and focus on who is up at-bat. See what kind of pitches they're seeing, and how they're hitting them. Tell yourself that you're going to crush the pitcher. Feed yourself the encouragement it needs. Then, visualize yourself doing those same things so that when it's your turn, you're ready for the at-bat.

#2 Strong Hitting Approach:

The most important thing to do when you're up to bat is to have a plan. Most players go up with no hitting plan in mind, and this is like turning on your navigation system with no destination in mind. To truly hit fast pitching, you need to have a plan. And, this plan can be created by watching the game.

You'll want to watch the pitcher's style and how they set up their pitches. Then you can use that information to make your hitting approach more effective. There are two ways you can create an approach based on what you see: either you can focus on a single pitch or location, or you can focus on the pitcher's most common pitch and/or location. The first option is for veteran hitters who are very comfortable with the strike zone and have experience against this pitcher, while the second option is for newer players who may have less knowledge of the pitcher's style or where they throw the ball. Either way, it's important that your approach reflects what type of hitter you are—if you're an aggressive swinger, then focus on swinging at the first good pitch; if not, then wait for a mistake before making your move!

Step 2: On-deck

Timing is of the essence for FAST pitching in baseball. When you're "on deck" and watching the pitcher, this is when you want to get your timing down. Most hitters don't feel ready for their at-bat because they don't know how to time to the pitcher, when "on deck". If you can manage to get your timing on deck, you will be ready for your at-bat.

Step 3: The Walk To The Plate

When it comes to hitting fast pitching in baseball, the walk to the plate is a major factor. You want to be able to show your opponent that you are confident and unbothered by their fast pitching. If you walk up to the plate slumped over, looking like you are unsure of yourself and afraid, it will only make your opponent feel more confident in their ability to strike you out.

You want to walk up to the plate as tall as you can, back straight and head held high. You should look like you have done this a million times before (even if you haven't) and that nothing about this game scares you. Walking up to the plate with confidence is going to give every impression of confidence not only to your opponent, but also to your teammates as well.

Once you reach the batter's box, take a few practice swings while looking at the pitcher getting ready on the mound. Practice swings are important because they help loosen up your muscles and get them ready for swinging at a fast-moving ball.

Step 4: Home Plate Routine

It is important to have a routine that you follow every time you come up to the plate. This routine will help you feel in control of your at-bat no matter what kind of pitcher you are facing.

There are 3 steps in this process:

1. Breathe! It is important to calm yourself down and relax before stepping up to the plate. If your mind is on other things, you will not be able to focus on the game.

2. Visualize success! Picture yourself hitting the ball hard or taking it deep into the center-field before each pitch so when it happens, your body knows how to react automatically and not make any mistakes in executing its plan for success!

3. Focus on the pitcher's release point which is typically right after his hand comes off of the ball and just before he releases it towards home plate where you stand waiting with an open swing ready for any type of pitch coming toward you like an arrow shot from Cupid’s bow aimed straight into your heartstrings as they sing sweet melodies about love lost but never forgotten.

Step 5: At-Bat

Now that you are up to the plate, all you need to focus on is executing your plan. When you focus on the process (i.e., your plan), you give yourself the highest leverage to be successful as a hitter. And, this is how you hit fast pitching.

So, in a nutshell, everything you need to do to hit hard pitching is covered in this section. Focus on these, and work on them until they become second nature to you, and you will soon be hitting like a pro. Success depends on how serious you are, and how much time you are willing to commit to practicing and developing your skills. Never forget that in order to hit fast pitching, you need to cut down on all the extra stuff your body does when batting. Focusing on all the previously mentioned steps should aid you greatly in this area. Remember these points, and sooner than later, swinging at fast pitches will become second nature for you.

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