When you first buy a new, stiff, and uncomfortable baseball glove — it won't be of any use to you. You need to break it in order for it to be useful for playing. And to truly “break” your new baseball glove in, it is a process. With that said, today we're going to tell you the 4-step process that I use and many of my teammate use when breaking in their own gloves.

List of Steps To Break In Your New Baseball Glove

Step 1 - Leather Conditioning

You will want to start with a "dime" size amount of glove oil or cream for your glove. It is recommended to use an applicator sponge to work the oil into every part of the glove which includes palm, fingers, back side and laces. The laces are essential because they handle most of the stress from catching the ball. After you're done, use a dry paper towel to get the remaining oil off.

Step 2 - Glove Shaping

Shaping the glove is an important step. This is where you form the pocket of the glove. To begin, place the baseball, or softball inside, where it will be caught most of the time. This is how you create a deep pocket, so your hands don't hurt every time you catch the ball. Put the bands around the glove in an X shape to start. This shape allows having a band across the top and bottom of the ball, which will better secure it in the pocket.

Now, let the glove sit out overnight at room temperature. This will allow the oil to continue conditioning the leather and let the glove form further.

Step 3 - Breaking in the glove

Once you remove the ball and bands, you will now have a ready-to-go pocket foundation. You just need to spend some time breaking it in. I recommend using a baseball bat, and pounding the glove to help break the glove in, as it simulates catching a ball in your pocket. It also allows you to adjust the fit to your preference and speed up the break-in period. Hit the glove with the baseball bat for about 5-10 minutes to create a deep pocket. Try to focus your attention on the area of the glove where the ball may be caught. You can also pound the side of the glove to loosen up different areas of your baseball glove. Once done, having fun pounding and shaping the glove, re-wrap it with the shaping ball and leave it be overnight.

Step 4 - Playing catch

The last step is to play catch with your glove. Try to focus on catching the baseball in the pocket. I recommend using a baseball bat once a day until you are satisfied with the pocket and the way your glove feels. In addition, reapply oil periodically throughout the season to keep your gloves in optimum condition. Now that you have followed these four steps, your glove should now fit well and be game-ready.