Rise & Shine


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Most players believe that the way to be successful in baseball is by getting…

In the ZONE or MINDSET, right before the game.

I do not want to say that this is something wrong to do…

because it is not.

I believe it helps.

And, I have seen many players have success…

turning it on before the game.


The way to consistently dominate in baseball…

is by being in the RIGHT mindset ALL DAY.

Being consistent with our positive thoughts, and keeping us on the path to what we are working on…

Is how we will be successful.

With that being said, Rise & Shine is an audio that I created to get the day started on the right path.

Right after waking up, listen to this audio.

This will get us in the right frame of mind to win that day.

Hence, the title of this blog post; RISE & SHINE.

No matter what you have going on for the day…

Start your day off right with this audio and WIN THE DAY!

Thank You – Jermaine Curtis

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